Our Chairman

Health Care Global Enterprises has been defining the future of cancer care in India by designing, building and managing cancer centres with a steadfast vision: To transform cancer care environment by bringing core clinical services in one centric place. The intent of this single place is to help patients achieve longer, better lives and to improve cancer care, one centre at a time.

At HCG, we view each centre as a model of excellence – a place where physicians can achieve professional fulfillment and breakthrough in patient care. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters the professional achievements of each person who crosses the thresh hold of a centre. And by sharing these achievements across the network, the achievements of each centre, each physician and each hospital are further heightened. Patients are the beneficiaries of these achievements – every accomplishment brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal of better lives for cancer patients and their families. Health Care Global Enterprises is currently a leader in cancer care managing a network of 20 cancer centres that span India. Each centre is provided with a business system, management expertise and capital resources to bring patient focused, state of art cancer care to new regions across the world.

I encourage you to learn more about Health Care Global Enterprises and share in our dream of redefining cancer care.

Dr. BS AjaikumarChairman HCG Group