Case Studies

When Naresh Bhai experienced chest pain for the first time, he did not expect it to point towards something as serious as a heart disease. Naresh was just 43 years when he was diagnosed with the single-vesse...

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IVUS is a very useful imaging tool for the coronary angioplasty. It examines the vessels from within and give additional information over and above conventional angiography.

Tomotherapy can be used for any kind of cancers. The main advantage of it is, in the cases where a larger area needs to be treated or patients with multiple areas require radiation therapy at the same time.

A 5 year old boy was presented with complaints of dysphagia and discomfort in throat with pain and history of swallowing a 10 rupee coin.

The head and neck region have unique challenges for diagnostic imaging because of its anatomic complexity and associated functional processes.

Upper jaw cancer surgeries can lead to significant morbidity because of involvemnet of maxillary bone. The maxillary bone is an important structure for both the cosmesis of the face and the functionality of the orbitals ...

Early stage Laryngeal Cancers (Cancer of the voice box) were conventionally treated with Radiotherapy for a duration of 6 - 8 weeks. With the advert & availability of Endoscopic Laser Surgery technology and expertise the...

By performing certain type of tests and analysis, we may customize treatment according to each ptient's need. Here the concept of genetics and genomic comes in.

Thyroid cancer is most common malignancy, mostly diagnosed in young patients, especially female. Thyroid cancer ranks among the most common cancers during pregnancy with a prevalence of 3.6 - 14 per 100,000 live births.

Radical prostatectomy is a difficult operation to perform because of many factors - the location of prostate is deep in the pelvis, beneath the symphysis making the access difficult; surrounding vital structure