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Soon Launching - Comprehensive Pediatric Oncology Unit
09 August 2017

HCG - The Specialist in Cancer Care will soon launch a unique comprehensive cancer care for children with cancer. Childhood cancers are at rise, we now must stand against pediatric cancers. Children are more receptive to treatment and more tolerant of chemotherapy with respect to adults. They have a longer life expectancy and better rates of survival. Their dynamic developmental physiology is amenable to better prognosis. In children, it is important to understand how the child and the family will deal with the diagnosis, endure the treatment and understand what to expect as an aftermath of the treatment as well. HCG Cancer centre’s paediatric oncology unit will ensure the best of counselling facilities for the entire family. The hospital premises, specifically the Pediatric Out Patient Department and the Paediatric ward is child friendly apart from being state-of-the-art. Seemingly trivial things like the food that the child will be served, the bed that the child will lie down in, the decor of the room, etc also matter a lot. There will be physical and emotional changes in the child as effects of the disease itself and the treatment that he/she may be undergoing.