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Clapforthem - End the tobacco threat
31 May 2018

HCG – The Specialist in Cancer Care, Ahmedabad has initiated the second edition of #ClapForThem campaign to encourage people to quit tobacco. #Clapforthem is launched to observe World No Tobacco Day, which is marked on 31st May every year. If you are willing to take one step in quitting the tobacco addiction, then HCG can help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms by providing 3 counseling sessions by qualified psycho oncologist at just  Rs. 250/-
Under this unique initiative, HCG will be visiting various societies and conducting a small theatrical play to make people understand the consequences of continuing the habit and encourage them to step forward. You too can help in ending the tobacco threat by registering self or your friend/relative, who you  want should quit tobacco by calling on +91 90997 12345.