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ClapForThem - Who Raise Their Hand Against Breast Cancer!
28 October 2017

HCG conducted activities to create awareness on Breast Cancer 
October 28th , 2017 – Ahmedabad: HCG – The Specialist in Cancer Care organized an event “FOREVER ELEGANT” to mark the breast cancer awareness month, which is October and convey the message on early detection of breast cancer and as a part of their awareness campaign #ClapForThem - Who Raise their Hand Against Breast Cancer. The worldwide incidence of breast cancer continues to increase, and approximately 1.7 million new cases are diagnosed yearly. It also remains a leading cause of death with approximately 520,000 deaths/year, as reported by the World Health Organization in an updated breast cancer fact sheet of 2015. To prevent rising occurrences of Breast Cancer, it is important to educate people on precautionary measures, early detection and periodic screening.
With a vision to spread the message and awareness, day-long activities were planned which began with a session on spiritual, physical and mental aspects of tackling cancer. The participants interacted with Kajal Oza Vaidya - renowned an author, screenwriter, radio personality and journalist from Ahmedabad who offered a fresh perspective towards life and lifestyle. Following the session, was a fun filled and energetic fitness workshop by the experts from Neha's Fitness Studio, who directed various exercises that can be performed in the routine life. It is important to understand the psychology of a Cancer patient and to convey the same, Pink Hope Patient Support Group performed a skit that touched upon the insensitive attitude of people, especially relatives and closed ones towards the patient. The participants further interacted with Dr. Mahima Bhatt - Medical Cosmetologist, who conducted a discussion on “How to age gracefully”. To conclude the series of activities, there was a panel discussion with the team of cancer specialists from HCG on the prevention of breast cancer. The engaging event saw around 200 participants from across walks of life and age groups.
Present at the event, Dr. D G Vijay, Senior Breast Cancer Surgeon and Director - HCG Cancer Center, Ahmedabad added that “Breast cancer is one of the most common type of cancer amongst women in India and claims thousands of lives every year. Thus we always stress for early diagnosis for a better outcome. By organizing events like Forever Elegant we want to create awareness educating the people about early detection, periodic screening and self-examination to understand signs of breast cancer. I hope the message will be spread to various segments of society and women will get strong support to speak out.”  
Breast cancer has been a major concern now because of the following reasons
  • Lack of awareness and screening: Being aware about symptoms of BC, looking out for them regularly, and reporting them on time to a doctor is the single most important factor responsible for better survival of patients 
  • Increasing incidence of breast cancer in younger age groups
  • Rising numbers of cases of breast cancer in the country
  • Late detection: This directly decreases long term survival of the patient
  • Aggressive cancers in young age : Generally, many cancers in the younger age group tend to be aggressive
Through such awareness activities we aim to encourage people, especially women, to regularly undertake Self Assessment Examination and mammography (after the age of 40 years). Mammography can detect cancers at an earlier stage, often before it can be felt, and before symptoms develop.The key to defeating breast cancer is awareness and early detection.